Fistula in men - image description

This image shows an example of a type of fistula that can happen in a man's body. The image shows a side view of a male body from the level of the belly button down to the upper thigh. The man is facing left from the viewer's point of view. At the front of the body there is the penis and testicles. In the centre of the image is a hollow organ. This is the bladder. Directly underneath the bladder is a smaller organ labelled the prostate gland. A tube, labelled the urethra runs from the bottom of the bladder down through the middle of the prostate gland, then enters the root of the penis and runs through the penis to form an opening at its tip. At the back of the body there is a large tube shaped organ. This is the rectum. It narrows at the bottom to become the anus which opens between the buttocks. The image shows a tube joining the urethra to the rectum as the urethra is running through the prostate gland. This tube forms an abnormal opening between the rectum and urethra. It is labelled as a fistula between the urethra and rectum.