Cervix and surrounding structures – image description

The image shows a woman’s lower abdomen, pelvis and the top of the legs from the front. A narrow opening is shown between the legs. This leads into a narrow space shown inside the pelvis. This space is called the vagina. Above the vagina the space narrows until both sides almost touch. Then it opens again to form a hollow, pear-shaped organ called the womb. At either side of the upper end of the womb are two small, solid oval shapes. These are the ovaries. They are connected to either side of the womb by narrow tubes called the fallopian tubes.

An area of the image has been enlarged. This shows a close-up of the narrowest area between the vagina and the womb. The lower end of the womb bulges into the top of the vaginal space. The surfaces of the two sides of the bulge are highlighted. This is the cervix.