Brain structure - image description

This illustration shows a side view of a head and the position of the skull, brain and spinal cord in it. The brain fills the top half of the head. Towards the back of the head it also fills the area down to the top of the neck. A thin layer is shown closely covering the outside and undersides of the brain. This is the skull. There is a gap in the skull under the brain. A thick long shape is shown extending from the centre of the brain, through the gap in the skull, and down the neck. The top area of this shape inside the brain is called the brain stem. The lower area that extends down the neck is the spinal cord.

The top largest section of the brain is called the cerebrum. This fills most of the brain area inside the head. Behind the brain stem and under the cerebrum at the back of the brain is a small rounded shape called the cerebellum. In front of the brain stem and under the cerebrum is a very small area called the pituitary gland.