Discharge checklist

Your discharge checklist

Before you go home, you may find it helpful to check the following:

  • Do your family and carers know when you are going home? Can someone take you home? Or has your hospital transport been arranged?
  • Will there be someone to meet you when you get home or do you have keys to get in?
  • Will there be food in the house? Will the heating be on (if needed)?
  • Do you understand how to take any drugs or dietary supplements you need to take at home?
  • Do you know when your next outpatient appointment is?
  • Do you know what care has been arranged for you when you go home and how to contact everyone?
  • Do you have a contact number for your hospital team?
  • Do you have all the equipment/supplies you need to use at home, such as continence pads or stoma bags?
  • Has your GP been told about your discharge?
  • Have you been given a letter summarising your care in hospital?
  • Have you been given a statement of fitness for work (previously known as a sick certificate), if you need one?

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