Tuna & vegetable spaghetti

Serves 4. Preparation 2 minutes. Cooking 15 minutes. With thanks to Waitrose for contributing this recipe.


  • Dry spaghetti (300g/10oz)
  • 1 bag of frozen mixed vegetables (400g/14oz)
  • 1 jar of white lasagne sauce (525g/18oz)
  • 2 tins of tuna (200g/7oz each), drained


  1. Boil the spaghetti in a large saucepan for 10–12 minutes, adding the mixed vegetables for the last five minutes. Drain.
  2. Pour the white lasagne sauce into the pan with the drained tuna and heat for one minute.
  3. Return the spaghetti and vegetables to the pan and stir to heat through. Season to taste.


Suitable for:

  • a quick and simple recipe
  • people with a dry or sore mouth
  • people with problems chewing
  • people with loss of wight or appetite.

Nutritional information (without new potatoes and broccoli)

Energy 548kcal; Protein 39g;Total fat 17g (of which saturates 9g); Carbohydrate 64g; Fibre 3g.