Surgery explained

Surgery for cervical cancer should be carried out in a specialist cancer centre by a gynaecological oncologist or a gynaecologist with a special interest in cancer.

  • Cervical cancer

    Surgery for cervical cancer

    You may have surgery to treat early-stage cervical cancer. There are three types of surgery that may be used.

  • Cervical cancer

    What happens before the surgery?

    You will have some tests to prepare you for surgery. You will be able to discuss your operation with a nurse or doctor.

  • Cervical cancer

    What happens after surgery?

    You’ll be monitored very closely after your operation. You will be very tired so it’s important to rest and look after yourself.

  • Cervical cancer

    Follow-up care after surgery

    After surgery you have an appointment with your surgeon to check on your recovery and discuss the results of your operation.