Healthcare for UK citizens

If you’re a UK citizen and you need treatment while travelling in the UK, you can be treated free of charge by the nearest NHS or Health Service hospital. It can help to have a letter from your cancer specialist with you. The letter should describe your condition, including details of any medicines you’re taking and information on how to deal with any potential medical problems.

It may be helpful to wear a medical alert badge or pendant with emergency contact numbers attached, especially if you’re travelling on your own. You can get these from some high street jewellers and chemists. They may also be available at your GP surgery.

If you’re taking prescription medicines and run out of supplies while on holiday in the UK, you may be able to get emergency supplies of non-chemotherapy drugs without a prescription. A community or supermarket pharmacy may be able to help, but will charge for this service. If you run out of chemotherapy drugs, you will need to contact the place where you were prescribed the drugs for advice.

If pharmacies can’t help you and you live in England, you may be able to go to an NHS walk-in centre. They may be able to organise a consultation with a GP. You could also contact a GP practice directly.

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Healthcare for overseas visitors

If you’re visiting the UK from abroad, the treatment you’re entitled to depends on where you’re from and your residential status.