Cancer and pregnancy

Here is some information about coping with the emotional and practical issues you may experience. There is also information about diagnosis during pregnancy, different cancer treatments you may have, and about having your baby.

Coping with cancer and pregnancy

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General information If you have cancer during pregnancy

If you have cancer during pregnancy, you may be coping with difficult feelings. You may also have to make hard decisions about cancer treatment.

General information Focusing on your pregnancy

You have regular check-ups with your midwife and pregnancy doctor and there are also things you can do to focus on your pregnancy.

Diagnosing cancer in pregnancy

General information Types of cancer in pregnancy

Any type of cancer can happen during pregnancy, but some cancers are more likely than others.

General information Diagnosing cancer in pregnancy

If you have symptoms that could be cancer, you will be referred to a hospital specialist for tests.

General information Who will be involved in your care?

A team of specialists will look after you, including cancer doctors and nurses, your pregnancy and childbirth doctor and midwife.

General information Making treatment decisions

Your doctors will carefully explain your treatment options to you before you make any decisions.

Treating cancer in pregnancy

General information Pregnancy and radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is not usually given during pregnancy as it may harm the developing baby.

General information Other cancer drugs and pregnancy

Most other anti-cancer drugs such as hormonal therapies and targeted therapies cannot be given during pregnancy.

Having your baby and after the birth

General information Having your baby

Your pregnancy doctor and cancer doctor will talk to you about the best time to have your baby and the type of delivery.