Local volunteers

Our volunteers are trained to help people affected by cancer in their community. 

The type of service volunteers can offer might vary, but typically they can provide practical help such as:

  • housework such as cleaning, washing up and ironing
  • shopping
  • light gardening
  • accompanying people to use local services
  • giving someone a lift to an appointment.
And emotional support such as: 
  • befriending
  • visiting someone and having a chat
  • regularly phoning someone to check they are okay. 

Volunteers are selected following training and are subject to appropriate background and police checks for their role.

How to find volunteers near you

You can use our local area search to find out if there are any volunteering services close to you. This search will also show cancer support groups in your area.

How volunteers helped Vera

Vera was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and received support from Jenny, a Macmillan trained volunteer.

'I’d definitely recommend this service to other people. I didn’t know anything about it until my breast care nurse mentioned it and asked if I’d like to be referred to it.

I said yes, and a lovely lady called Jenny came to help with things I couldn’t do because of my surgery. She did shopping for me, ironing and the hoovering. It was wonderful.

And it was great to always know someone was coming at a particular time during the week.'

Becoming a volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a Macmillan volunteer, you can visit our online Volunteering Village to find current volunteering opportunities.

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