Other sources of income

Managing your everyday finances means making sure your expenses are covered. Work is the main source of income for many people, but if you can’t work – or need to work less – because of cancer, there are other options available.

You may be eligible for sick pay, state benefits or tax credits from the government. Some benefits also apply to carers and those who are self-employed. Your entitlement depends on your personal circumstances – such as how much national insurance you have paid or been credited with.

If you have health insurance or a personal pension, check if you qualify to make an early claim. Drawing on any savings or investments you have may also help to replace lost income.

Macmillan and other organisations offer grants to help with the sudden expenses that cancer can bring. These are small one-off payments that won’t affect your ability to claim benefits.

For more information on grants, benefits and other ways to maximise your income, speak to our financial guides on 0808 808 00 00.

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Your rights at work

Everyone at work has certain rights. Legislation protects you from being treated unfairly because of cancer.