Contacting insurance providers

It will make your search easier if you have certain information ready when you start looking for travel insurance. The checklist and comparison table below could help.

Whether you apply through an online form or on the phone, you may need to answer some difficult or upsetting questions. For example, the provider may ask about the likely outcome of the cancer (the prognosis). The provider may do this so they can decide whether they need to ask you for more medical information. Some providers call this their medical screening process.

Depending on how you feel about answering these questions, you may want to get quotes from only a couple of insurance providers at a time.

Our financial guides can give you tips on speaking to insurance providers. They can also tell you about your options if you are not happy with the service a provider has given you. Call them on 0808 808 00 00.


This checklist includes some common questions travel insurance providers may ask you. Writing down your answers in advance could help you prepare for calling them or filling in their online application form.

  • Name of traveller(s)
  • Age(s)
  • Where you are travelling to
  • Length of trip
  • Health conditions
  • How long ago was the diagnosis?
  • Where is, or was, the cancer?
  • Has the cancer spread? And if so, where to?
  • Any current treatments or any treatment planned?
  • Any surgery in the past or planned?
  • Current medication
  • Current symptoms and side effects
  • How advanced is the cancer and is it terminal?
  • Details of GP, hospital or specialist visits in relation to the cancer in the last year
  • Could the health of anyone else (either someone who is travelling with you or someone at home) possibly affect the planned trip?
  • Any medical equipment needed for travel?
  • Any winter sports, extreme sports or similar activities planned?

Comparing insurance providers

It can help to compare the policies and quotes of different insurance providers. You could draw a table and write down the following details for each provider:

  • the company name and their contact details
  • whether you would be covered if your trip was cancelled
  • whether the policy includes an exclusion for cancer
  • whether any other exclusions apply
  • how much excess you would need to pay if you made a claim
  • the price the company has quotes you for the policy.

Comparing providers in this way may help you decide on the best insurance policy for your situation.

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