How rectal cancer is diagnosed

Bowel screening

Bowel screening helps cancer to be spotted early, which is when treatment can be most successful. Find out when you will be invited to take part and what this might involve.

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    Benefits and disadvantages of bowel cancer screening

    There are benefits and disadvantages to having bowel cancer screening.

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    What is bowel cancer screening?

    Bowel screening can find bowel cancer at a very early stage, when it has the best chance of being treated.

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    The FOB and FIT tests

    This test checks bowel motions for tiny amount of ‘hidden blood’. It is not a test for cancer, but can indicate whether further tests are needed to examine the bowel.

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    Bowel scope screening

    This test looks at the lower part of your large bowel. It can help detect cancers at an early stage.

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    A colonoscopy is a way of examining the lining of the bowel from the inside.

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    Virtual colonoscopy

    This test uses a CT scanner to create a picture of the bowel.