Relationships and sex

Effects of treatment on a woman's sexuality

Cancer and its treatment can have an impact on sexuality.

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    The female body and sex

    Cancer can affect your sexual desire and arousal. Knowing women’s sexually sensitive areas and how your body behaves may improve your sex life.

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    Effects of surgery on women

    Cancer may affect your sexuality. It may affect your physical ability to have sex, your emotions or your desire to have sex.

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    Effects of radiotherapy on women

    Radiotherapy to some parts of the body can affect your sex life and fertility. There are things that may help.

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    Effects of chemotherapy on women

    Chemotherapy may have an effect on your desire or ability to have sex

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    Effects of hormonal therapy on women

    Hormonal therapy may affect how you feel about sex or your ability to have sex

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    Coping with sexual difficulties

    Physical or emotional problems may affect your sex life after cancer treatment