Surgery if the bone cancer has spread to the lungs

If bone cancer spreads to the lungs, it may still be possible to cure it with an operation to remove the part of the lung that’s affected. This operation is called a thoracotomy or metastectomy.

When deciding whether this type of operation is possible, your MDT will consider several factors. This includes the type of primary bone cancer, the number of secondary cancers in the lungs, their size and where they are in the lungs. The MDT will also take into account your general health, as this is a major operation. Sometimes a course of chemotherapy is given first. This can help shrink the secondary cancers and may make an operation possible.

This operation shouldn’t affect your breathing. It’s still possible to breathe properly if part of a lung, or even a whole lung, is removed.

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Who might I meet?

A team of specialists will plan your surgery. This will include a surgeon who specialises in your type of cancer.