Preparing for limb-sparing surgery

Before surgery, your doctor will explain the procedure to you to make sure you fully understand what’s involved. You can ask questions about how the surgery might affect you. You may find it helpful to talk to someone who has had the same operation. The medical staff or your keyworker may be able to arrange this for you. Some hospitals have a counsellor you can talk to about your feelings and any worries you may have before the operation.

Some people like to see the replacement part or endoprosthesis (often just called a prosthesis) that will be used during their operation. If you would like to see it, your surgeon or keyworker can usually arrange it for you.

A physiotherapist will talk to you before your operation. They may give you some exercises to do before surgery, to help strengthen your muscles.

If you’ve had neoadjuvant chemotherapy, it usually takes a couple of weeks before your blood cell levels get back to normal and you’re ready to have your operation.

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