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Fertility in women

Learn more about what cancer means for fertility in women, and what help is available.

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    Talking about your fertility before cancer treatment starts

    Talk to your doctor or nurse before you start treatment about the possible effects of treatment on your fertility.

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    What is fertility?

    Fertility in women means being able to get pregnant and give birth to a baby. Cancer and cancer treatment can affect this.

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    How treatment can affect fertility

    Treatments for cancer can affect a woman’s fertility in different ways.

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    Preserving your fertility

    You may be able to freeze eggs, tissue or embryos before you start your cancer treatment.

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    Fertility options after cancer treatment

    You may consider other options for having a child, including using donated eggs, sperm or embryos, adoption and surrogacy.

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    Getting support

    Many women find it helpful to talk to family, friends, counsellors or other women in similar situations when coping with infertility.