Your finances

Planning and managing your day-to-day finances can become more important when you have cancer. Find out if you are entitled to support.

  • Planning your finances

    A financial plan can help you manage your savings and investments.

  • Managing debt and borrowing

    A step-by-step guide to managing debt.

  • Insurance

    Find out how cancer can affect buying insurance.

  • Managing your money day to day

    Think about all the ways to maximise your income. This could be from work, savings and benefits.

  • Housing costs

    Having cancer can affect your housing situation. You may be entitled to financial help to support you through this.

  • Pensions

    If you're affected by cancer, thinking about pensions could be useful for many different reasons.

  • Common terms and what they mean

    Money and finance have a language of their own. It will be easier to find your way around if you know the terms.