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If you're affected by cancer, thinking about pensions could be useful for many different reasons.

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    Understanding pensions

    There are different pension schemes available, including the State Pension that is paid by the government and a private pension.

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    Pension changes

    Since April 2015, some types of pension have become more flexible.

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    State pensions

    The State Pension is a regular payment you can get from the government when you reach retirement age.

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    Workplace pensions

    A workplace pension is a pension scheme arranged through your employer. There are different types of workplace pensions.

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    Personal pensions

    Personal pensions are often available through your workplace. But self-employed people often have them too.

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    Defined contribution schemes

    A defined contribution scheme is a pension that you and your employer, if you have one, pay into.

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    Defined benefit schemes

    A defined benefit scheme is when your employer promises to give you a pension when you retire.

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    If your pension savings are small

    If the value of your pension is small, you may be able to take it as a single lump sum.

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    If you die before taking your pension benefits

    If you die before taking any of your benefits, your pension scheme may give a lump sum to your beneficiaries.