Fertility tests for men

When you are ready, you can talk to your cancer doctor or GP about fertility testing. You can have your semen tested to find out if you are producing healthy sperm. The semen sample will be analysed in a lab. If needed, the test can be repeated to see if things have changed. If you had sperm frozen before cancer treatment, you can also ask to have this tested.

A fertility specialist will usually discuss the test results with you.

What does the test involve?

You give a sample of semen by masturbating (wanking) into a small container. You will usually be asked to do this in a private room close to the lab. This means the sample can be checked quickly, making the results more accurate.

You might be nervous about doing this, especially in a strange place. The staff at the clinic will be very understanding and will try their best to put you at ease.

You may be allowed to collect the sample at home and take it into the lab. If you do this, you need to keep the sample warm and deliver it to the fertility clinic within 30 to 45 minutes.