Having tests for bone cancer

Visiting your GP

If you think you might have some symptoms of bone cancer, you should see your GP.

There may be different reasons why you are feeling unwell, so they may not diagnose you straight away. Your GP will talk to you about your symptoms, examine you and usually arrange some tests. These tests can include x-rays and blood tests. After these tests, they may refer you to an orthopaedic (bone) team or a specialist bone cancer team at the hospital.

At the hospital

The hospital doctor will examine you and arrange for some of the following tests:

Further tests

If you are diagnosed with bone cancer, you might need a few more tests such as:

These may feel like lots of tests, but they help doctors plan the best treatment for you.

Having tests and waiting for the results can be a nervous time. It can help to talk about how you feel. You can get support from family, friends, your specialist nurse or your doctor.

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The bones

Knowing what your bones do might help you understand what bone cancer is.