After cancer treatment

This section is about some of the physical, emotional and practical issues that might affect you after you've finished your cancer treatment.

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Understanding cancer

Cancer happens when something goes wrong with our cells and they grow in an uncontrolled way.

Finding out you have cancer

It can be hard to know what to tell people about the cancer, and it’s normal to have lots of different feelings.

Cancer types

Find information about the cancer types that are most likely to affect teens and young adults.

Tests and scans

Find out about some of the tests and scans that are used to diagnose cancer and to see how you're doing during and after treatment.

Cancer treatment

Find out about the possible treatments for cancer. We have info about when each treatment might be used, how it's given and possible side effects.

Relationships, sex and fertility

During or after treatment, you may worry about whether the cancer and its treatment will affect your relationships, sex life or fertility (ability to have children).