Who will be involved in your care?

A team of different specialists will look after you. It is called a multi-disciplinary team (MDT). You can read more about MDTs in our information on the type of cancer you have.

As well as cancer doctors and nurses, your team will include an expert doctor in pregnancy and childbirth (obstetrician) and your midwife. It may also include a psychologist, counsellor or social worker, a dietitian and a physiotherapist.

If your baby is going to be delivered early, your team will also include a doctor who is an expert in the care of new-born babies (neonatal doctor). They will monitor you during pregnancy and monitor the baby closely after the birth.

Your doctors and nurses work closely together to decide on the best possible care for you and the baby. This needs to be done with you to make sure your choices are respected. For example it is important that, when possible, treatment does not prevent you from choosing how you give birth.

The MDT will meet to discuss the best treatment for your situation. Your specialist doctor will explain your views about your pregnancy so everyone understands your position. Some women may ask to go along to the MDT meeting.

During treatment, you are cared for in a specialist centre by doctors who are experts in treating the type of cancer you have.

You will be given telephone numbers for your specialist nurse and a midwife who you can contact for more information and support.