Help and support if you have cancer during pregnancy

How you feel emotionally affects your well-being and how you cope with things. Getting all the support you need is important for you and your baby.

Talking things over can help you feel less anxious and realise that your fears and worries are normal. It may also help you to think more clearly about what is happening and to make decisions.

Partner, family and friends

Try to talk openly with your partner, if you have one, family or close friends about how you feel. They will want to support you as much as possible. You will probably want your partner or someone close to you to be with you when you talk to your doctors and nurses. They can give you support to help you make decisions about treatment and your pregnancy.

Sometimes they might not know what to do or say. It can help to tell them if you need them to listen, or just to be there with you, or if you want practical help.

Your partner and family will have their own feelings to cope with, but there is also support available for them. We have information about cancer and your partner and talking with someone who has cancer.

You may also have other children to care for. You might worry about their feelings and reactions to your illness. We have more information about talking to children and teenagers when an adult has cancer. You could also talk to a counsellor or a social worker at the hospital for advice and support.

Your healthcare team

Different health professionals will be involved in your care and the baby’s care.

Try to be honest with your doctor, nurse and other healthcare professionals about how you feel and what your concerns are. They can support you and often reassure you. They can also arrange for you to get expert help.

A counsellor or psychologist can help you find ways of coping with your feelings. Getting support early on may help you to cope with different challenges after the baby is born.

Your cancer nurse can tell you about local cancer support centres and support groups.

Mummy’s Star

Mummy’s Star are the only charity in the UK and Ireland established specifically to offer support where a cancer diagnosis is received during pregnancy or within 12 months after a new birth. Mummy’s Star can put you in touch with other women who have been in a similar situation. They also offer financial help and advocacy, and work to raise awareness of cancer and pregnancy. If you would like to get support from Mummy’s Star, visit their website or email

Being diagnosed with cancer in pregnancy is something that no mum should go through. My wife found it so isolating, and many feel they are the only one going through it.

Pete Wallroth, Founder and CEO of Mummy’s Star