Checklist for treatment

Before you go into hospital for treatment, you may want to:

  • Write down your wishes about the treatments you do or don’t want in advance. The forms you use to do this have different names in different parts of the UK. The statement can also include non-medical things, such as your religious beliefs or food likes and dislikes. The statement is not legally binding, but your doctors should take it into account when deciding what’s best for you.
  • Think about making an Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment. This is also called an Advanced Directive. This is a set of instructions to your medical team which sets out the circumstances in which you would not want certain treatments or when you would want a particular treatment to be stopped.
  • Assign a friend or family member with Power of Attorney. There are different rules about Power of Attorney in different countries within the UK. Different types of Power of Attorney may give people the right to make decisions about your financial and legal affairs, or your health affairs, if you become unable to do so.
  • Make a will. This ensures you have control over what happens to your property and possessions after you die.

For more information, see our section on planning ahead and making choices about your future care.