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MoveMore @ LiveArgyll

MoveMore @ LiveArgyll

Practical help and support groups

Macmillan and LiveArgyll are working together to support you to get and stay active. From online gentle movement classes, one to telephone support, and in facility circuit classes, there will be something for everyone. At LiveArgyll we want everyone to feel empowered to increase their level of physical activity, as part of enjoying and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Taking part in physical activity during and after cancer treatment can play a huge part in enabling you to take back control. It can help you prevent and manage some of the effects of treatment, such as fatigue, depression, muscle wasting and risks to your heart health. For more information on how physical activity can help visit

Available now: Circuit classes: Available through all LiveArgyll gym facilities.These classes are led by specially trained exercise instructors who are Level 4 qualified. They use a variety of simple cardiovascular and strength exercises which are adaptable to provide an individualised physical activity programme. The instructors are always on hand to offer you guidance and support. Whether you have never been active before, or are looking to get back into the swing of things our classes are an ideal social way of doing this. Other activities coming soon. We are working hard to increase our offering to include gardening groups and gentle movement classes soon. Please contact us for more information.

Catchment area:

Argyll and Bute

  • Opening times:

    Various times throughout week

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