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Macmillan East Ren Move More

Macmillan East Ren Move More

Practical help and support groups

For people living with and beyond cancer, the advice used to be 'rest is best'. Our Move More team however, know that even a small amount of gentle exercise can help reduce your fatigue and leave you feeling better. Macmillan East Ren currently have a wide variety of exercise sessions which aim to help increase your energy levels. Macmillan cancer-friendly walks are short, sociable walks that provide a supportive, friendly environment encouraging anyone affected by cancer to become more active. Gentle Movement is based on Chi Gung, an ancient Chinese practice aligning breathing, physical activity, mental and spiritual awareness. This class will build your strength, balance, coordination and confidence and will leave you feeling relaxed, with a clear mind. We also have a weekly circuit style class which is delivered by our highly qualified exercise specialists. All of the above sessions are currently free; if however you wish to join the gym, swim or attend other classes at East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure Trust then we can provide you with a discount and support.

Group supports everybody.

Catchment area:

East Renfrewshire

  • Opening times:

    Tuesday – 10am – 11am

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