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Macmillan Joining the Dots

Macmillan Joining the Dots

Practical help and support groups

Joining the Dots is a free, personal service for people aged 18 and over who have been diagnosed with cancer. We’re also there for friends, carers and relatives of any age too. We can speak with you about your needs at a time and place that’s best for you. Our friendly team can support you with the following issues that may be affected during your diagnosis or that of someone you care for: Family/relationship; Physical; Lifestyle/information; Emotional; Spiritual/religious; Practical/money. You can self-refer to Macmillan Joining the Dots County Durham, you do not have to go through a doctor or nurse. Alternatively, with your consent, your doctor, nurse, social worker or facilitator can email or telephone your name and telephone number to the Joining the Dots team. The team can call you to arrange an appointment to give you more information about how they can help you. Just because you agree to your name and telephone number being shared with us, it does not mean you have to accept a service.

Due to COVID 19 we are doing primarily telephone support and soon will be able to do video calls too.

We offer:

  • Home visiting
  • Hospital visiting
  • Information

Catchment area:

County Durham – anyone who pays their Council Tax to Durham County Council

  • Opening times:

    Not applicable

Interested in joining us?

Just come along to our next meeting, or get in touch with us on the details below.

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