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Macmillan Community Specialist Nursing and Support Service

Macmillan Community Specialist Nursing and Support Service

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Provided by Nottingham CityCare working with the NHS, the aim of the Macmillan Community Service is to provide support at home for people affected by cancer in Nottingham City. The service provides care for individuals, their carers and families from the time someone is diagnosed with cancer, and works closely with other professionals to empower those affected to enhance their quality of life. The service is available to adults who are registered with a Nottingham City General Practitioner. The patient must have a confirmed cancer diagnosis and be on a curative or palliative pathway, and can be receiving anti-cancer treatments. People can be referred to the service by any health care professional involved in their care, who has consent from the individual they are referring. Those with complex concerns or symptoms issues such as uncontrollable pain, nausea and vomiting, and / or ongoing psychological distress will be allocated to the Macmillan specialist nurses. Those who have concerns which require more general support, advice, onwards referrals and signposting will be allocated a member of the Macmillan support team. For individuals known to the Macmillan community service prior to bereavement, post-bereavement support may be offered for three sessions within the first three months of a patient's death. Bereaved relatives can be referred to a specialist bereavement service if they require continued support.


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