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Asbestos Awareness and Support Cymru

Asbestos Awareness and Support Cymru

Practical help and support groups

Providing support and advice across Wales for those diagnosed with asbestos related illness including the cancer mesothelioma and asbestosis. Provide regular telephone support for patients and carers. Deliver online support group sessions and awareness events. Provide support for the bereaved.

Cancer type(s):


Services offered: listening ear, signposting to services, craft sessions. An opportunity to talk to others in a relaxed and supported environment. Group Supports... Everybody, Adults, Carers, Patients, Relatives, Children whose relative has asbestos related cancer,Young adults affected by asbestos cancer, Parents of children or young adults with asbestos cancer, Men, Women, Veterans.

We offer:

  • Befriending
  • Bereavement support
  • Cancer information materials
  • Financial support
  • Information
  • Telephone helpline

Catchment area:

Whole of Wales, people affected by exposure to asbestos and living with the cancer mesothelioma.

  • Opening times:

    Please contact group for more details

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