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Be Re-Assured Scheme (BRAS)

Be Re-Assured Scheme (BRAS)

Practical help and support groups

We are a small group of women who have undergone breast operations and/or treatment and would very much like to help others with similar problems. We work under the direction of surgeons and breast care nurses. We meet every eight weeks at the Louise Hamilton Centre which is situated on the grounds of the James Paget University Hospital and it is our Cancer Support Centre. We have now been in existence over 25 years .

Cancer type(s):

Breast cancer in women, Breast cancer DCIS, Breast cancer in men and Breast cancer secondary

Group supports everyone.

We offer:

  • Befriending
  • Counselling
  • Home visiting
  • Support from Health Professionals
  • Telephone helpline
  • Opening times:

    Not Applicable

Interested in joining us?

Just come along to our next meeting, or get in touch with us on the details below.

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