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We work in partnership with the Improving Cancer Journey (ICJ) in Powys Programme and have a dedicated Macmillan/PAVO Community Connector. The Macmillan/PAVO Community Connector aims to offer a personalised and supportive conversation to anyone in Powys, who is living with or affected by a cancer diagnosis and offers a Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA), which is a wellbeing checklist that can help identify concerns that individuals did not realise were having an impact on their lives. The Macmillan/PAVO Community Connector can then create a Careplan that can support and empower each individual.

The Service helps people in Powys (aged 18+) and their families or carers, to access community-level services and activities that will help them maintain independent lives and which help prevent their circumstances deteriorating to a point where they might need higher level health or social care services.

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