Volunteer this Christmas

As the saying goes, ‘Christmas is a time for giving’. And last Christmas, 72-year-old Martin got a wonderful gift: a helping hand from a Macmillan volunteer when he needed it most.

‘When I came out of hospital, and when I was told I had cancer, it was like someone hitting me over the head with a brick. It was such a shock.

‘I initially had help from the Red Cross, but when that stopped Macmillan volunteers came in. Quite honestly without them, I don’t know how I would have coped. They were absolute angels.’

A helping hand at home

‘Over Christmas and New Year I met a girl from Macmillan at the Cancer Information Centre in the Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre – she was lovely. She pointed me in the right direction of

Macmillan’s Bristol Buddies volunteering service .’

Macmillan’s Bristol Buddies is one of 79 schemes across the country that provides practical and emotional support to people affected by cancer.

‘Electra, my first buddy, cooked for me because my appetite was all over the place. She vacuumed for me, she took the dogs for a walk and we went shopping together – it was brilliant.’

Positive power

‘I live every day as though it’s my last, and that is how you should do it, I think, with someone in my shoes.

‘To anyone considering volunteering I would say the support that you can give someone is absolutely enormous. Go for it.’

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