Move more across the UK

You may not know that being active during and after cancer treatment has many benefits. It can reduce the sense of isolation, reduce side effects and improve strength, aerobic fitness and flexibility. Macmillan is currently testing schemes across the UK to support people to not only get active, but to stay active before, during and after cancer treatment.



Macmillan helps to fund Active Everyday in Sheffield. With the help of an instructor, people affected by cancer are supported to become active in a way that they will enjoy and that suits them. This can range from everyday activities such as dog-walking, joining an exercise class or taking up a new sport.


Our Move More programme in Hertfordshire originally covered the west of the county, but has now expanded. This means that everyone living with cancer in Hertfordshire now has access to Herts Health Walks, discounted gym membership and pay-per-play options and local district council physical activity projects.

East Lancashire

The Macmillan Move More programme in East Lancashire and Blackburn runs regular sessions for people affected by cancer, including sports taster sessions, which were run through the summer.


Read Billy's story to find out how Macmillan’s ‘Get Active, Feel Good Lincolnshire’ service helped him overcome the feeling of isolation he got following his cancer diagnosis.



Move More Aberdeen hit the significant milestone of 100 referrals in September, roughly nine months after the doors were open to people affected by cancer.


In Glasgow, Janie Hall, a breast cancer patient, completed the Move More programme, which inspired her to train as a motivator and walk leader. She then went on to qualify as a gentle movement instructor.


Four physical activities services have been developed across Wales including the Velindre Cancer Centre Macmillan Activity Promotion Programme (MAPP) in South East Wales. This is a 6 week programme run by physiotherapists, for people living with a cancer diagnosis who want to get more active.

Northern Ireland

Macmillan is working towards the development of Move More Northern Ireland and will have schemes in three areas by the end of 2015.

For more information about how keeping active can help people living with and beyond cancer, please read our pages on keeping active