Challenge events

Mick is a serial fundraiser. As well as climbing Ben Nevis, his cycle ride from London to Paris this July was his third. But this one was a little different: roughly three months after surgery, while facing chemotherapy for bowel cancer.

Mick and his team at the end of a race under the Eiffel Tower, opening bubbly.

It was also the hottest week of the year: ‘On the Thursday we took off it was 37°C. For the next three days it was up to 43°C,’ explained Mick. It was so bad that six people were pulled up at various stages for severe sunstroke. ‘I didn’t do it all, and I didn’t expect to, but I did about three of the four days,’ said Mick. In the process he and the three other members of his team (Stacy, Matt and Helen) raised around £12,000.

Mick’s dedication stems from his own experience with cancer. ‘In 2004 I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. Macmillan looked after me for five years, so it’s time to give something back to help other people who are coming down the line,’ said Mick. ‘I also lost my mother, father and twin brother in seven years, from 1998 to 2005, all to cancer.’

‘The thing about fundraising for you guys (Macmillan) is that it’s giving back the time and the effort that nurses, doctors, dieticians, the hospitals and the guys in the community give to patients at the time.’

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