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Shez, Macmillan Neuro-Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Last year Shez won a Macmillan Professional Excellence Award for her sterling work improving the care and support of people with brain tumours in Northampton. Her initiatives have included setting up a nurse-led clinic and offering vital telephone support to patients, their family members and carers.

My patients know that they can call me with any concerns they have

Sometimes people ring because they’re feeling unwell. I aim to prevent any unwanted hospital visits for them, so I might need to change their medication and fax a new prescription over to their GP. Others may call because they’re feeling anxious. They often say they feel better after we’ve had a chat.


My main responsibility is to be there for my patients

I advocate for them, signpost, and explain information. I make sure their psychological, emotional and physical needs are met. I liaise with other people and teams in the community so that patients receive a joined-up experience.

I head off to outpatient clinic

I have clinics on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays alongside the consultant. Once the consultant has finished their review, I sit down with the patient to see if they’re struggling with anything or if there’s anything they need. I spend a lot of time with new patients, answering questions, going through the benefits they’re entitled to, and letting them know about our excellent Macmillan information centre. On Fridays I hold my own clinic.

The most rewarding thing is being able to make a difference

I’m glad my patients and their families know that they can always call me. Even if I can’t sort everything out, I can listen. It’s good to know that I can take some of the stress and fear away.

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