Five minutes with a fundraiser

We caught up with Lynda, a dedicated Macmillan fundraiser and our CEO.

Where did your fundraising for Macmillan start?

I’ve been fundraising for Macmillan since I joined 15 years ago. I’ve always thought it was important to do. I took part in OutRun during May and will be doing the Thames Path Ultra Challenge in September.

How have you been fundraising?

I’ve done all sorts – from Coffee Morning to running, from walking to hiking. The most bizarre fundraising event I ever did was being part of the Macmillan tug of war team. It’s a once-only thing, as although it’s really fun, I’m not built for it! Recently, my friends and I raised £60,000 for Macmillan because of where my friend was treated before she died.

What has been your fundraising highlight(s)?

Running down The Mall during the London Marathon was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. And trekking in Nepal was really humbling as you found out why other people were fundraising for Macmillan. But the biggest highlight was the walking Gower Marathon, which I did with my sister. It was a year after she finished her chemotherapy and it was a fantastic day.

Why should people fundraise for Macmillan?

It’s a fantastic thing that there’s something for everybody. You get to go to some great places and you get to do some great things.

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