Go Sober

We’re on the lookout for 2015 sober-heroes. All you need to do is to get sponsored for going alcohol-free for the month of October.

You’ll be thanked by people affected by cancer, and no doubt your body probably won’t be too ungrateful either.

Michael Dent took part last year and was unlucky enough to have it fall over his birthday, so in terms of low points there was clearly one that stood out: ‘being sober on my birthday for the first time in 20 years’. As for the high points it was, ‘raising an amazing £3,600 for Macmillan and people affected by cancer’.

For anyone keen to give Go Sober a go, Michael has some advice:

  • Plan your time carefully
  • Start your fundraising early and go head to head with someone to raise as much as possible
  • Get a sober buddy to help keep each other sane and on track
  • Be prepared as 30 days is a long time

If you’d like to register for Go Sober, sign up today. You’ll find tips, a list of benefits for going sober, some criteria and advice.

Everything’s managed through our Go Sober website, from sign up, making and receiving donations, running a profile page, creating a team, going ‘head-to-head’ with a friend or colleague, creating a Designated Dryver event, seeing your national ranking and much, much more.

Going sober doesn't have to mean your drinks are boring, why not try out our delicious mocktail recipes? Watch how to make them in playlist of videos below, and find more mocktail recipes on the GoSober wellbeing website.

So what are you waiting for?

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