Rise and shine

Sian Williams is best known for her broadcast career, including over a decade on BBC Breakfast reporting on many in the public eye – from respected royals to outstanding Olympians. But when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Sian decided to focus her attention closer to home.

Her new book, Rise, sees Sian describe honestly and openly the effect cancer has had on her life. Throughout it all, Sian notes the invaluable support she and her family received from Macmillan.

Light in the dark

Five years before Sian was diagnosed, her mother had cancer.

‘A Macmillan nurse sat me down, held my hand and explained that it was too late. She was kind and honest and said things my mum probably couldn't.

‘My mum was supported at home in her last few weeks by Macmillan nurses. She’d been a nurse herself for forty years and trusted them implicitly.'

Giving something back

Inspired by this support, Sian raised tens of thousands of pounds to support our work.

‘When I signed up for the marathon, I set a target of £10,000. Once people started pledging donations, I was committed to running those 26.4 miles.’

Sian is pictured above with her brothers, Dave and Pete, after the South Coast Mighty Hike for Macmillan on 11 June 2016.

From supporter to supported

Sian’s life changed in 2014, when she found out she had breast cancer.

'What helped me was the information and the fantastic therapists at the Macmillan centre,' says Sian. 'I picked up every leaflet I could find about how to live with breast cancer.'

Starting again

During and beyond her diagnosis, Sian became interested in how she and others coped with distressing life events.

'I thought I knew about recovery, having studied it for years previously', says Sian. ‘Yet I didn't seem to get better as quickly as I'd hoped. My advice would be to share your fears and let outstretched hands help you stand again.'

Quotes taken from Sian’s new book, Rise, and an interview with Macmillan in July 2016.

The front cover of a book called Rise. A woman (Sian Davies) sits in the bay of a window looking thoughtful.

Want to read Rise for yourself?

Order a copy of Rise to read Sian’s story at the special price of £10 plus postage (RRP £18.99). Simply call 020 3122 6444 and quote the book’s ISBN number 978-1-474-60268-6 as well as the offer code RISE10. Offers ends 31 January 2017.

No one should face cancer alone. For information, support or just a chat, call Macmillan free on 0808 808 00 00 or see our support section.

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