Pauline's volunteering story

When Pauline applied to become an admin volunteer for Macmillan, she didn’t know her role would soon change into something very different.

'I started volunteering for Macmillan because I wanted to give something to the community I live in,’ says Pauline. ‘An email at work came round to help with a new Macmillan project and it appealed to me.'

The new project was Macmillan Solutions, a service that offers people with cancer help at home or over the phone. A few weeks after Pauline began helping with the admin side, she was asked to step in when a volunteer couldn’t attend a home visit.

'I started supporting the family and I was really enjoying it,’ says Pauline. ‘I could see the difference that I was making. I was doing things like cleaning and gardening, whatever practical help they needed. That was in 2011. Five years on, and I’m still supporting families.'


Pauline’s volunteering is flexible, so she can fit in around her other commitments. She knows the few hours a week she gives make a massive difference.

'I can see there is a need and the family are so grateful for the help,’ says Pauline. ‘I always find it a privilege to be in their home. I’ll also have a chat with them. It’s lovely when they open up to you. It has made my life more worthwhile, definitely.'

Whether you help out in our offices, support people at home or fundraise at an event, there are so many ways you can make your time matter with Macmillan.

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