We demand more for Cancer Patients

The Scottish Parliament election was a key moment to ensure that getting good cancer support is not left to chance.

Why action was needed

The new cancer plan for Scotland, published in March 2016, promised to make sure that everyone diagnosed with cancer is offered a full assessment of their needs. It also highlighted the importance of getting people help to deal with some of the problems they are facing, whether from Macmillan, another charity, the local council or any other organisation providing support services.

The May election was an important opportunity. It was our time to get all political parties to pledge that if they got into power, they would take urgent action to see this promise through.

With your support, we made a difference

With your help, we put the stories of people with cancer and their families at the top of the political agenda. We wanted to make sure the future Government committed to making cancer care a priority.

We were delighted that so many of our supporters emailed their candidates – and we got great responses from all the parties and candidates.

What happens next?

All of the main political parties made promises to improve cancer care during the next parliament.

With your support, we will now campaign for the next five years to ensure all the new MSPs put cancer patients at the top of their agendas. So if you are not already one of our campaigners please sign up below.

How you can help cancer patients in Scotland

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