Social care at the end of life

We campaigned to make sure that the freedom to choose where you die is a priority for the new Government.

Three in four people with cancer would prefer to die at home, but less than a third are able to. We can change this. We're calling on the new government to provide free social care at the end of life.

Current complexities in the way that health and social care are managed often lead to cancer patients dying in hospital wards and not in their place of choice. Free social care at the end of life will enable many more people to spend their precious final days in a place of their choosing. 

Read our End of Life report [PDF, 6MB] to find out more.

Tony and Dorothy's story

Tony and Dorothy's son Neil died from secondary sarcomas in March 2009 age 35.

‘Our son Neil was frightened of hospitals. After the sarcoma in his leg spread to his lungs, he collapsed and had to be admitted to hospital. The day before he died, at a meeting with his specialists, the Macmillan nurse asked Neil what he wanted. He said he wanted to be at home in his flat. She arranged this and made him comfortable.

Nobody made us aware of the possibility of this sort of care for Neil, and he might not have made it home without this last-minute intervention.’

We want everyone to have choice at the end of life and we are continuing our work to ensure that this is available to all.

He might not have made it home without this last-minute intervention.

Tony and Dorothy, both 68, from Lancashire

Our calls

We called on all parties to commit to ensuring everyone at the end of life is given free social care to support them to spend their final weeks and days in the place of their choosing.

Thanks to your support

The Conservatives included a commitment to this in their manifesto. They committed to support commissioners to combine better health and social care services for the terminally ill. This will mean that more people will be able to die in a place of their choice.