Cancer Matters: 2021 Welsh Parliament election

The upcoming Senedd election is a vital opportunity for us to join together and make our voices heard.

The pandemic hasn’t changed the fact that an increasing number of people will be affected by cancer each year in Wales. One in two of us will hear the words 'you have cancer' in our lifetime. As we enter the campaign to elect the next Welsh Government, the 19,000 people diagnosed with cancer each year must be at the forefront of policymakers’ minds.

We are calling on the next Welsh Government to put the interests of people living with cancer right at the heart of their programme for government and embark on an ambitious programme of change to improve outcomes and care for good.

Help us reach every candidate to make sure they know cancer matters this election and beyond by emailing your candidates today.

Macmillan's priorities for the next Welsh Government

A cancer strategy for Wales

  • Develop an evidence-based, person-centred cancer strategy to take us through the next five years and beyond.
  • Consult closely with people affected by cancer, health professionals and cancer charities when developing the next cancer strategy and any other policy initiatives relating to cancer.
  • Set an ambitious direction with clear milestones and deliverables for how we will take our cancer outcomes from some of the worst in Europe to the best.


Going beyond treatment: comprehensive personalised care for all

  • Work with us to further develop the role of a named cancer key worker for each patient and to ensure consistent signposting to support.
  • Support the rollout of Macmillan electronic holistic needs assessments (eHNAs) across Wales to ensure the broad range of practical, physical and emotional needs resulting from cancer are met.
  • Work towards embedding prehabilitation across cancer services in Wales to make sure people are prepared for and have the best possible chance to benefit from cancer surgery and treatment.
  • Empower primary care to better support people living with cancer by implementing a national standard and template for electronic treatment summaries.


A cancer workforce fit for the future

  • Direct HEIW to develop an ambitious cancer workforce plan to lead us into the future.
  • Guarantee time and ringfenced funding for nurses and other healthcare professionals to access CPD.
  • Consider the permanent extension of the Health for Health Professionals Wales service to all frontline NHS staff.


Improving palliative and end of life care across Wales

  • Develop a comprehensive plan to improve palliative and end of life care in Wales, with regular publication of data and reporting against its commitments.
  • Take steps to better understand and address inequalities for people who are approaching the end of their lives.
  • Invest in palliative and end of life care in the community.
  • Ensure funded advance care planning (ACP) training is consistently available to health and social care professionals.
  • Deliver the 2017 commitment to introduce an all-Wales ACP electronic record – this must be accessible and shareable by all relevant health and social care professionals.


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