Run with Friends

You’re already a hero for signing up to Run with Friends! Here are our top tips to help you smash it each and every week.

Keep track of your amazing progress

Using a free app like Strava will help you to track your progress and share it on Facebook. You can also chat and share with other Run with Friends heroes as well by joining our group.

If you want to find a new route or take in some different scenery once you’ve got started, check out MapMyRun to find great local routes and courses near you.

Everything you need to keep you going - Check out the training zone

If you and your team are new to running, the NHS offers some fantastic advice to get you from the couch to 5k in just 9 weeks. Check it out.

When you’re feeling like more of a pro, check out our training zone to make the most of Run with Friends. You’ll be able to download the right training guide for you, use the pace calculators to improve your running and get answers to the FAQs that you’ll undoubtedly have.

When the going gets tough – get motivated

The hardest thing when it comes to running is staying motivated when, let’s face it, there’s always something easier to do than go for a run. Make sure you stay motivated by joining our Run with Friends group on Facebook, where we’ll be sharing tips and stories to keep you going.

Get a good playlist

Having some great tunes at the ready will help keep you motivated on your runs as well. We love this one which is freely available on Spotify. If you’ve got your own why not let us know on our Facebook page.

I’m just really tired... how to keep running – every week!

There are loads of reasons not to run – you’ve had a busy day at work, you’re tired, you’d rather go to the pub! Here are the most common reasons people can put off exercise, and some ways to overcome them.