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We need more Macmillan nurses to help support the two and a half million people who are living with cancer in the UK today.

How will my donation make a difference?

In the UK today, over two and a half million people are living with cancer. By 2030, that number will have grown to four million.

Currently, we have just over 3,300 Macmillan nurses. They helped 363,000 people in 2009. It’s a phenomenal figure, but it means that hundreds of thousands of people are going without vital support now, and a far greater number will go without support over the next two decades and beyond.

By giving a donation today, you can help to change this. Your money will help us train more Macmillan nurses who will begin to work in hospitals throughout the UK and start to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

Why are Macmillan nurses so special?

Our nurses are specially trained to support people from the time they hear they have cancer, during their treatment, and until they no longer need help.

They also provide invaluable support to the family, friends and carers of people diagnosed with cancer, helping them to understand the illness and what may happen over the coming weeks and months.

The vital support Macmillan nurses provide includes:

  • controlling the pain and symptoms of people with cancer
  • listening to the concerns and needs of people with cancer, their family and friends and supporting them emotionally and practically
  • educating people about the type of cancer they have and the treatments available to them
  • assisting people and their families in making the transition from hospital to home care
  • telling people about the financial help that may be available to them, including benefits and Macmillan grants
  • informing people about the support available in their area, for example, local cancer support groups.

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    It costs £191 to fund one of our nurses for a day. If you're able to help, please make a donation and help us provide more Macmillan nurses for people affected by cancer.

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