The Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre in Northallerton

Every year, almost 600 people in the Northallerton area are told they have cancer. Many will need ongoing treatment. Help us raise half a million pounds and support The Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre.

We need your help

There has been no dedicated cancer environment at the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton – services are spread across the hospital in multi-functional rooms. Many patients have to travel further afield when care could be delivered closer home. A Macmillan cancer information and support service currently operates in cramped surroundings, providing little privacy. These are just some of the existing issues faced by the growing numbers of local people living with cancer, but we have already started to build the solution.

Building The Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre

Macmillan Cancer Support is working with South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to build a cancer centre. Yorkshire philanthropist Sir Robert Ogden has jointly funded the project with Macmillan and given a wealth of design expertise, to help turn a vision into a reality.

The Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre will offer state-of-the-art cancer care and support facilities, all under one roof. South Tees Hospitals has invested in the scheme and provided clinical input to the project. The whole project is costing around £10 million in total and due for completion in September 2018.

You can get involved by supporting Macmillan’s fundraising appeal to help us raise half a million pounds to support the centre. Donations will go towards Macmillan’s contribution to the build and other costs, such as furnishings.

How you can support our appeal

We would be delighted if you felt able to make a contribution to this important appeal. Any amount will help us improve the lives of local people affected by cancer, but here are some examples of what your donation could help us achieve:

  • £2,200 could cover the design costs of a small nursing station, allowing nursing time to be used as efficiently as possible.
  • £5,000 could furnish a quiet room, where patients and their families will be able to receive news about their cancer and treatment plans in private, and have time and space to ask questions and absorb information.
  • £10,000 could cover the costs of design and furnishing of a consulting examination room, where doctors will meet with patients to check their progress and discuss treatment plans.
  • £25,000 is half the cost of a counselling room, where people living with cancer will receive counselling to help them deal with the emotional impact of cancer.
  • £35,000 could cover the cost of a refreshment area in the waiting room, helping people to relax.
  • £45,000 could pay for one of the new chemotherapy treatment areas – to help make sure patients are cared for in comfort and have loved-ones by their side.
  • £53,000 would cover a 50% contribution to the main advice room in the new Macmillan cancer information and support centre that will be an integral part of improving patient experience and providing the vital non-medical support that people affected by cancer need.

There's a small chance we'll raise more than we need for this project, and if this happens then your gift will be used to provide much needed help and support to people living with cancer in the South Tees area.

Get involved in this appeal

If you live in or around Northallerton and want to know how you can get involved please call our Fundraising Support Centre on 0300 1000 200 or email and they will put you in touch with your local fundraiser.