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Ruby’s story

Ruby was just two years old when she was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumour, towards the end of 2017.  Ruby’s parents, Katie and Ashley were getting ready for the exciting countdown to Christmas when they took Ruby to the doctor, with a wheezy cough. It was there, that the doctor noticed Ruby’s swollen tummy.

There was a large mass on Ruby’s right kidney, and several days after her original scan she was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumour. Katie and Ashley recall sitting exhausted in the playroom at the hospital when a smiling lady popped her head around the door.

‘You know that feeling when you warm to a person straight away? Well that’s what it was like with Sam, Ruby’s Macmillan nurse’ – Katie, Ruby’s mum. 

Macmillan was there when it mattered most.

Katie, Ruby’s mum

Sam was able to give Ruby’s family some certainty at a very uncertain time.

Sam became a real friend to the family. She also provided the family with practical support like showing the family what support they were entitled to, and how to fill out relevant forms and write to their employers. 

Ruby underwent a four-hour operation where the surgeons successfully removed Ruby’s kidney, the tumour and several surrounding lymph nodes. Ruby’s cancer was caught at stage one, intermediate risk. It was the best news the family could have ever hoped for. 

On behalf of Ruby and her family, thank you for all your support of Macmillan. Donate today to help support more people living with cancer.