The Macmillan Christmas Wish Appeal

When James was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 2, Macmillan helped him and his family through three difficult Christmases.

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All James wanted from Santa was to feel well on Christmas day

Three years ago when James was just two years old, he was diagnosed with Leukaemia. James’ parent’s world turned upside down, transformed from a world of children’s TV and nursery to scary prognoses, medical jargon and treatment regimes.

Kate, James’ Macmillan nurse, was by James’ and his family’s side. As you can imagine having a child with cancer is bewildering. Will you donate today and help make sure a Macmillan nurse like Kate, is there to support more families like James?

Kate helped Chris and Ruth understand that life must go on. Chris and Ruth were still James’ parents and life with cancer was still life. Part of James’ treatment involved having a cannula fitted. Kate discovered a way to manage this process which would make it less stressful for James and his family. She came up with the idea to write a ‘prescription’ for the way James wanted to be treated. It read, ‘My name is James. Please let my favourite doctor do my cannula. I also like the play specialist to be there with me. I like to look at the pad when I’m being treated, and I like my mum to hold me in a certain way.’

This might sound small. But it meant that when James was having Chemotherapy, he felt loved and cared for. Will you be willing to donate to ensure Macmillan is there to support more families with the impact of cancer?

Kate really was our light in the darkness. She made sure that even with cancer, we could get on with life as a family.’ Ruth, James

Ruth, James’ mum

Last year James’ was finally able to celebrate Christmas.

Last Christmas, James was finally free of cancer. He was able to have the Christmas he’d been hoping for and could celebrate with his family.

But there are so many families across the UK who will be living through a Christmas with cancer this year. Will you help to make sure Macmillan can be there for everyone who needs support by giving a gift today?

From James, Chris, Ruth, Kate and everyone at Macmillan, thank you so much and Merry Christmas!