Right there to offer financial support for Saima

Published: 28 January 2019
Saima, 29, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018. She is self-employed and was hit by the financial impact of cancer when she couldn’t work. Macmillan helped her navigate the complex benefits system and gave her a grant to pay for the life adjustments she’s had to make, like buying a new wardrobe due to weight loss from stress.

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How we can help

Macmillan Grants

If you have cancer, you may be able to get a Macmillan Grant to help with the extra costs of cancer. Find out who can apply and how to access our grants.

Financial guidance
Financial issues can cause worry when someone becomes ill. You may be able to claim benefits to help you in your situation. You may also be able to get financial assistance from other organisations.
Help with work
We have information and an advice service for anyone who has to cope with cancer while they are working or running a business