Lloyd on treatment decisions

A close up of Lloyd's face while he is looking away. He is wearing a black baseball cap.

When Lloyd was diagnosed with a form of lung cancer, it came as a shock. Lloyd was concerned about how the treatment would affect his income, and he suddenly found he had a very short space of time to make some really big treatment decisions.

'It was a massive decision to make in such a short space of time.'

I had no idea I had cancer. I went in for a routine appointment so to be diagnosed with something that huge... I was shell-shocked.

An operation was suggested pretty soon after. It was scheduled for a week or two weeks later. It wasn’t very long. For me it was a pretty short time to make a huge decision on where to go: whether to have the surgery, or whether to not have the surgery, or whether I just try and get it treated with chemo. It was a massive decision to make in such a short space of time.

If someone tells you you have cancer you shouldn’t be debating in your mind whether or not you should have the operation, you should just go ahead. But because of my situation, I had to look at it and plan what was the best way forward.

'Macmillan's help on my journey was probably the greatest thing.'

But sitting down and speaking to Emma, she gave a direction so then it made me more focused in everything that I did. She was so organised that it rubbed off on to me.

The surgery involved removing the lower lobe of my lung on the right hand side. The broken ribs was probably the most painful part of it.

Having Macmillan help me on my journey was probably the greatest thing. If there was any area I was unsure of during the illness or recovery there was always someone there who could enlighten me or direct me on which way to go.

I’ve never had cancer before so I wouldn’t know how to deal with it. So having Macmillan there supporting me, walking me through step by step was the best thing that could have happened.