Find out how the Careology app helps people during their cancer journey, including tracking treatment, understanding symptoms, and monitoring medications.

How does Careology help people?

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be daunting, and some people find managing their treatment to be complicated and confusing. Careology is a cancer service which gives people tools to help them monitor and manage their health. The aim is to help people to feel more in control of their care while they are in cancer treatment.

Who can use the service?

Careology is suitable for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and is receiving treatment. The information collected by the app can be shared with a person’s family, friends and clinicians if the user chooses to do this.

The Careology app is free to download from the iOS App Store and will be coming soon to Google Play.

How does Careology work?

The Careology app features a range of tools, which include:

  • Symptom monitoring, including a coronavirus symptom tracker, so people can keep track of how they are feeling, and see when to contact their care team
  • The ability to integrate with a range of popular health tracking devices that track someone’s temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, weight and activity levels
  • A journal, medication tracker and calendar that make it easy to note questions and information, and provide prompts and reminders
  • Personalised articles and ideas that offer help on dealing with cancer treatments

About Careology

Careology is a London-based technology company which created the Careology app to support people who have a cancer diagnosis.


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Macmillan has undertaken some research into the organisations and the service featured and we believe that the service may be of general benefit to people living with cancer. However, the organisation listed on this page are solely responsible for the services they offer.

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